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About Restoration Overload

Steve has loved motorcycles since he was 14 years old - and he is a great deal older now - the love affair has never waivered.

André has caught the bug from Steve

ShopRat (Double L) was brought on to sweep and clean after school but she has since taken over the sandblaster and powder-coating. If you ask her to sweep now she is likely to give you a blast and a new powder-coat!

What Kind of Company is Restoration Overload?

Well, Restoration Overload is the company that will help you build your dream bike. For a refundable up front fee, we can get you motivated, prepare an action plan, research your model, help you decide what you want, we find the suppliers and the shops, we do the powder-coating and finishing (metal too),then turn the parts over to you so you can build your bike and make sure you get the job done right!

We can help you avoid the whopper mistakes I have made in 40 years of building and riding motorcycles. We are subcontractors for your restoration or custom built motorcycle. We know the shops, and we deal only with a group of trusted suppliers and we are distributors for many.

Along with this service we also offer parts location and bring in parts from all over the world. Used parts can be refinished by us and new parts are purchased from a network of trusted suppliers at home and abroad.

Powder-coating is our big thing and anything that can be painted can be powder-coated. Colours now available rival the most custom paint colours and we can match many stock codes. To prove this the BRAT is being built with ZERO paint ('cause paint sucks) and the finish will last forever -watch the updates to see how we are progressing.

Also watch for our specials we will have from time to time - we will only sell what we trust and ride ourselves. The “For Sale” page will be available for all our customers -we hope you enjoy!

650 Steve